27 October 2008

Draconic Bow!

I turned lvl 76 on Sun morning 27 Oct 2008. Immediately I took out the Draconic Bow that I have bought last week and put Life Stone in it. At my 6th stone, I got this wonderful Augmentation.

I am so glad as the adena used to buy this bow is purely hard work over a period of 1 yr plus in L2SEA. Though my gaming experiences is a little tainted because I have occassionally resort to botting, still the process of earning adena is the old fashion honest way.

Whatever it is, I still feel in a certain way, it is an achievement. All in all, the bow cost me only 440 mil adena and I still have nearly 200mil left for reserve. I hope in 2 months time, I will able to earn enough to buy a Draconic light set.

30 August 2008

Project : Crystalisation Info

I am compiling the crystlisation information as there are changes made to the number of crystal yielded when you crush an items.

I seek help from all L2SEA players to put this info at the following thread :


Once the spreadsheet is ready, I will make it available for all to download.

26 August 2008


It had been abt 2 weeks since I got into botting. Managed to get my wolf to lvl 55 and bought my lvl 11 Soul Crystal.

However, it feel like my gaming experiences is tainted.....

Anyway, Gracia has been launch. Can't wait to go back to try it out....

16 August 2008

Castle Siege!

After so many weeks of lull...finally there will be a Castle Siege today. I have heard from my friends that SV will be leading 3 other clans to attack my ex-Clan, Infinity, Castle - Goddard. They will be heavily defended by 15 clans in total!!

Seriously I wonder will SV turn up at all. Kind of hard for me not to witness a blood bath that is coming up. It will be SV with better gears vs zergs!

I will give an update as soon I get some information on the outcome. All the best to Infinity!

15 August 2008

Clanless now :(

Just left Infinity alliance yesterday in a spite.....o well I am clanless now ^^

Reasons :

- Dun wan to let the clan lose clan points
- Dun wan to give Infinity another trouble by openning uneccessary war front with other clan with my bashfulness
- Dun understand tagalog

Nonetheless, it was fun while it last. Infinity is such a good alliance and it is a bit sad to go ^^V.

13 August 2008

Gracia Patch at L2SEA

Gracia patch is coming to L2SEA on 26th August 2008.

Read more abt it.


03 August 2008

AMDG taking action against RMT

Looks like AMDG has taken a step in fighting the evil against RMT.

Man I wish AMDG will go a step further and distribute the 30 Billion adena to players like me.

Read more ....